Room Creative Derik Van Beers

Derik Van Beers

Derik has over 30 years of experience in retail merchandising and product development. He is an exhibiting ceramic artist and spends his free time working in his ceramics studio and enjoying his dog, Roscoe. His current passion is bringing the ceramics arts to public schools as a member of CAB (Ceramics Arts of Berkeley).
Room Creative Donald Bradford

Donald Bradford

Donald has worked as an illustrator for 25 years in the home product design world. He is an exhibiting artist and currently teaches drawing and painting at UC Berkeley. Most of his time away from Room Creative is spent in his painting studio.
Room Creative Marybeth Novak

Marybeth Novak

Marybeth has been a designer in both fashion and home product design for over 20 years. Outside of the studio Marybeth is a competitive cyclist who also enjoys hiking in the hills with her husband and their two dogs, Olive and Scooter. She thinks it’s fun to play with technology.
Room Creative Shayna Roosevelt

Shayna Roosevelt

Shayna has worked as a designer, illustrator and trend forecaster for nearly 10 years. She has a background in painting and splits her free time between the kitchen and her garden. She loves to camp with her husband and their dog, Elli and is mildly addicted to her iPhone.
Room Creative Partners Dogs Roscoe, Olive, Scooter and Elli

Olive, Scooter, Roscoe and Elli